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Hair Extensions

Book in for a complimentary consulation to find out more information about Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions.

Per Extensions $11.50 40CM

50% Deposit is Required to order Hair

Other Services that may be needed to complete your new look

  • Consultation Colour Match To Desired Hair Colour
  • Restyle Haircut
  • Blow Wave Home Styling Lesson
  • Inner Effects Shampoo & Treatment
  • Large Great Lengths Brush
  • 2 Week Post Follow Up Service includes - Luxury Treatment & Blow Wave

Great Lengths Extensions Large Brush ---- $45.00
Great Lengths Extensions Purse Brush ---- $35.00
Extension Removal ---- $60.00HR

Hair Extensions

100% Natural Human Hair Extensions

Have you ever dreamed of having thicker, healthier, natural hair that flows to your shoulders in gentle waves? Until now, only few women have had this dream come true, because their own hair is rarely capable of coping with the strains it has been exposed to during all the years it needed to grow.
We use the latest technology - the Great Lengths Ultrasonic system - which fuses extra lengths of hair to your own hair using cold heat - completely eliminating the risk of heat-damaging your hair (since it is completely cold!).

With the Great Lengths Ultrasonic system you can achieve the impossible, and there are really no limits as to the activities you can do - holidays by the sea, swimming, dancing, keeping fit, playing tennis, and skiing - any outdoor activity. Of course this is also ideal for those special occasions when you need thick luxuriant hair.

The Great Lengths Ultrasonic system offers you the opportunity to choose your ideal length and thickness. Changing colour is a possibility thanks to different colour strands which provide instant lowlights and highlights. With the proper maintenance you can treat Great Lengths Ultrasonic hair the same as you would your own hair - guaranteed. Wash it, brush it, colour it or perm it. This is 100% human hair, and the results are amazing.

Please contact a little TLC for more information.

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